reflections of a bicycle adventure


my equipment was simple and utilitarian. a steel bike with LOW gearing. front andback  racks. Small panniers in front, handlebar bag and a racktrunk on the rear rack three bottle cages(only needed two). gps cyclecomputer-for mileage and climb info. mp3 player and a cell phone.


the route was a naturel and for the most pat mapped by adventure cycling. i choose my own routethru washington


the first two weeks of the tripwas all rain until i got to califonia. then the weather was great no wind in the face only one hot day(94deg to santa barbara).


I did not have any trouble with traffic withthree one exception going over the big bridge into northbend/coos bay or three motorcyclist thought i should walk my bike across the bridge we traded fingers and they went on their way and i on mine.


i opted for motels–i am too old to sleep on the ground. one aspect of this mode of travel is i did meet anybody doing the same thing. the last two days i stayed with wonderful people which made the ending very nice.


this was an unexpected plus on the trip. i was in daly contactwith nia in friday harbor and my daughter. in addition i got feedback from people reading this blog and that was GREAT. so thanks to nia paul frank merin mandj herb bob and all the others THANKYOU


in all honesty i do not have an idea i guess it was time it was there so why not!

END PICSDSCN0656 DSCN0796 DSCN0700 DSCN0714DSCN0666DSCN0766DSCN0781DSCN0789 DSCN0788pinata factory in tj    ALL THE BEST CHUCK


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day 37 and day 38

day 37 pacific beach 61 miles 1650 feet ave 8.5 tis 7:17hrs i stayed with two lovely ladies maryanne and martha that hav e come to friday harbor for the month of aug for the past 15 years and rented bikes from us. they made feel very welcomeDSCN0753


36.17 miles 472 feet ave 6,7 tis 5:25hrs   i crossed the mexican boarder!!!!

i was taken in by karen and jim vedders daughter and treated like a very welcome guest

DSCN0780my rear whell is on the us side

total for the trip are 1695 miles 75905 feet ALOT of saddle time and much pleasure.

i will have one more post and more pics in the a wrapup post CHUCK

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day 35 and day 36

day 35 venice ca 63.5 miles 785 feet ave 8.9 tis 7:20 hrs thru santa barbara it has not changed at all lived ther for twenty years

day 36 dana point ca 64 miles 1010 feet ave 8.9 tis 7:19 hrs big city riding is strange got to keep eyes on road there is alot to distrack one

san diego tomorrow   CHUCKDSCN0740 DSCN0736 DSCN0735some pics of me and the other pic i went looking for the naval but didnot find chuck


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day 31 day 32 day 33 day 34

day 31 cayucos ca 37.24 1218 feet ave 8.1 tis 4:38 hrs easy ride little sore after yesterday

day 32 pismo beach ca 32.14 1116 feet ave 7.6 tis 4:13hrs  when i owned a store in the santa barbara area i used to take groups of people to here to ride back to santa barbara it was 100 miles in a day an easy 100 not alot of hills wind to the back and not easy to get lost most of them were suprized they could do it

day 33 buellton ca 56.62 miles 1931 feet ave 7.9 tis 7:1 hrs easy ride it was 94 deg drank every thing is site.

day 34 ventura ca 68 miles 1620 feet ave 8.8 tis 7.2hrs mostly flat along the coast

this is the first time i have been able to get to a pc longer days because its FLAT end is in site i will have much more to say in general and some insites of my own.

the facial hair  when i was packing thing had to go and a razor was one item that went i did have to cancel several dinner parties i was invite to CHUCK


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day 29 and day 30

day 29 big sur, ca 40.53 miles 2793 feet ave 6.8 tis 5:55 hrs

this was a day that I got lost and a 1000 ft climb out of the city o well

day 30 ragged point ca 49.74 miles 4541 feet ave 6.1 8:13 hrs tis

#$%@* hills I felt that I had accomplished something when the days  end

I was coming down the last hill as the sun was setting. but I looked to my left and the moon was coming up. the last three miles was in dusk conditions. the hills  the upside of hills is the downside  well you know what I meanDSCN0696 DSCN0708 DSCN0727 DSCN0726 DSCN0714 DSCN0724 DSCN0705 DSCN0700 DSCN0676 DSCN0677 DSCN0680 DSCN0667 DSCN0731 I think I got some pics inDSCN0729

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day 28

day 28 Monterey ca 41.29 miles 1520 feet ave 7.6 tis 5:25 hrs another great weather day starting to get warmer went thru lots of fields green leafy things growing–where are the master gardeners when needed

four week report 1186.29 miles 58769 feet lot of tis

exactl;y 600 miles to go next big milestone is santa Barbara the maps I use have profiles of all the route BUT the section from santa Barbara to san diego has no profile which means FLAT (cheering in the background)  CHUCK

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day 27

day 27 santa cruz ca miles 49.8 2339 feet ave 7.9 tis 6:2 hrs

good weather tailwind lots of surfers motorcyclist(500 in one bunch) very busy hw one. i remember santa cruz as a sleepy little town when i was in high school in san jose not any more (that was in the 50s) monteray next chuck

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