day 7

day 7 0 miles o feet tis 2 min  so much rain so much wind

lasted about 2 min. been reading my entries. realy i am having alot of fun.

one thing that is good is the ability to communicate with friend and

family.  a storyi was going to be stuck in a room all day so i walked to town(about a mile away) and get food and a paper. as i was coming

back wind to my back rain coming down hard i though i saw as rain

drops was bird poop. i though “boy this oregon rain is realy different” i looked up and there was a seagull flying into the wind—-his or her speed matched the speed of the wind  lesson of the day keep head down chuck

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6 Responses to day 7

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seagull poop is always good luck, so have a great rest of the trip,

    Bob Stavers

  2. nia says:

    Hope you do another 67 miles today. Or not! Keep on truckin!

  3. marin says:

    keep head down – a good life lesson for all of us when birds fly.

  4. Paul Ahart says:

    Chuck, you did the right thing, taking a day off to let the rain and wind do its thing. With the wind, the rain won’t last long, and you’ll soon be riding in the sunshine. Late this afternoon I set up a reserve party of 7, determined to do Orcas Island on Monday. A tough? bunch from Florida.
    Best of success on your next leg.

  5. Karen Vedder says:

    Well I guess the home town crew beat you. We valiantly mounted our bikes with a forecast of rain and gales and headed out to Roche for a warm breakfast. As we sat in the Limekilln Cafe, we looked outside with much trepidation as the flags were whipping and the fir trees bending. As soon as it slowed down the four wimpiest among us (Brad, Liz, Nia and me) jumped on our bikes and headed home in what was now a pouring (but warm, sort of) rain. Arrived home soaked even with the Showers Pass jacket and, as for myself, I hit the couch for a 3-hour nap. A fit reward for a 90-minute ride!
    Have fun and join us on Sundays when you return.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it was a great Sunday ride…my first foul weather bike ride. I had five layers on top, 2 on the bottom; then Liz, Karen, Mary and Dave show up in bike shorts! I’ve got a lot to learn, but i wasn’t uncomfortably hot. Just for the record, I didn’t feel at all like a wimp, (Karen!) just taking cues from the experienced riders! In fact, given the conditions, and that we braved the wind and rain, I felt pretty strong and amazed at ourselves! I followed Karen home to see how a pro rides; I normally ride in a higher gear, and her pearls of wisdom were, that’s how novices usually pedal (in higher gears), and that 60 pedal revolutions per min is the most efficient. So I lowered my gear to mimic her revolutions…sure felt funny, and slower going than I usually do. But I’m the newbie, so I’m following advice and doing what’s suggested. It was a blast of a ride!

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