day 10

day 10  NO RAIN  50.62 miles 2355 feet 7.1 ave tis 7hrs

i left newport when it stopped raining went a few miles and that glorious shiney round thing came onto the scene. it said to me have a good ride and i said OK. that what happens to one when riding in to much wet enviroment— start talking to heavenly bodies.  the oregon coast along here is beautiful–depoe bay and yachets.  i got a pinch flat just short of the bike shop in florence or. i have become a believer in the  CO2 cartridge. i am halfway down the oregon coast and should be in

california this weekend.  OH did i mention that ther was no rain today chuck


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2 Responses to day 10

  1. Frank Earle says:

    Really enjoy your log, but lately I’ve had to ‘towel down’ for you since you’ve been so soaked from all that Oregon rain and gull poop! The ride along the coast sounds like heaven, and I often wonder how the traffic has been treating you. Seems like the coastline is always full of a wide variety of RVs and we know how much road they can take up. Ride safe my friend.

  2. Melanie & Jon says:

    Glad to hear that the weather’s been treating you better down there. We’ve had two beautiful days here. You are making great progress! We enjoy looking at the map to see where you’ve been.

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