day 12

day 12 port orford 58.75 miles 3251 feet 7.7 ave tis 7:10 hrs

one flat at start of the day in coos bay captain co2 to the rescue again. did the long miles to get south of the big storm thats coming. well the bottom of that storm has 30 kts gusting to 45 kts wind so today day 13 is going to be a layover day. i am 63 miles from the california line. if i can get away tomorrow i will be ther by monday. hi brett chuck

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3 Responses to day 12

  1. Paul Ahart says:

    It’s great to hear some real story. Really wonderful. A few quotes from a lecture Collyn did last winter at the DoLecture: “Adventure isn’t a trip you take, it’s everything you do.” “Don’t just tell your stories, Do your stories.”
    We are getting our share of that big mothah of a storm front. Rained hard!! all day Saturday. It’s raining right now as I get ready for work. We had our first head injury rental bike accident yesterday….a girl hit a metal grate on Argyle, fell and struck her head. May have broken her nose. Were it not for that crash, we’d have had a perfect year. I think she’ll be alright.
    Paul and Marty

  2. Frank Earle says:


    Rest assured that the weather you have experienced has been hanging out on San Juan for three days so we’re thinking what the heck are you doing riding in that crap? With 63 miles to the border of cool, bitch’n Cal, you’ll be in sun, roses, more taxes and ‘different’ peeps in short order. Keep your wheels on the right side of the road and look out for everyone on the road…’ll see them before they see you. At least that’s the defensive way to ride the road. Ride safe, buddy.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chuck,
    Neither wind, nor rain nor hail shall stop you on this ride! We’re doing a sun dance for you for the rest of your ride.
    Liz and Brad

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