day 13 and day 14

day 13 and 14 0 miles 0 feet o ave o hrs tis

its raining and windy 40 kts gusting to 50. I encountered a restrant north of here (and I took a picture of it and ill add it soon) the name is “the greasy spoon” . the traffic has been kind there are more than a lot of those big rvs towing cars behind them. the only time it gets dicey is on bridges where there is no shoulder but everybody is minding them selves.

I hoe my next entry will be from calif     chuck

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One Response to day 13 and day 14

  1. Paul Ahart says:

    Chuck, Sounds like your weather is just like we are having here in the islands. Windy and wet.
    I ran the bike shop solo today, the last sunday open for the year. took in $16. Building Bill Wulfeck’s Stag rando bike. Lovely to behold.
    The weather HAS to get BETTER for you. Heading into sunny???? California.
    Good luck.

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