day 16 and day 17

day 16 klamath ca 47.42 miles 2228 feet ave 7.8 tis 7.1 hrs

beautiful day first half flat second half uphill third half downhill.

but i am atlast in calif. i had a thought back to when i was aboard

a destroyer in the 50s and when we would come back from wespac a navy band would be on the dock playing “california here i come” i heard it chuck


day 17 McKinnileyville, ca 50.42 miles 3004 feet ave 7.7 tis 6.5 hrs hard ride

bad roads lots of hills but i am having fun. i sould have done more upper body

workout after about 5 hrs arms get tired. something for the next ride. chuck

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3 Responses to day 16 and day 17

  1. nia says:

    Man o Man, looked back on your wonderful support team’s comments, and only one of mine showed up…as anonymous, no less! All that support I’ve been sending you is out there in cyberspace…must have been too much hot air, but I’m sorry you haven’t gotten any inspiration from me. Guess I have to press Enter when I want to post? DUH!!!
    Congrats on crossing the border!!!!!!!!! You’re in god’s country now! All downhill, and I think you’re half way to the Mex border. Got the red line goin’ on the NEW MAP (CA)!!!! It just keeps moving south. You sound in great spirits and good shape. Living your dream. Impressive. Ok, now I press Enter…nope, that didn’t do it. HMMM. OH!!! POST COMMENT!!!!! Here goes!

  2. Frank Earle says:

    Good on, Chuck. California here we come! I went outside and blew the conch in your honor. Not much music to celebrate with, but the beer tastes real good! Are you going to stick to 101, or will you bank over to Hwy 1 for some coastal cruz’n? Either road will be an adventure.
    Ride safe,

  3. Marin says:

    Congrats on crossing the California border! I am furloughed because of the shutdown. Instead of pouting, I’m biking! Be safe!

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