day 19

day 19 garberville ca 48 miles 2710 feet ave 7.1 6.5 hrs tis

i think i found where all the hippies are in north calif i have identified at least three generations. the latest generation has more tatoos. about the same amount of dress.

this is a beautiful place. reminds me of the youth hostels in europe with so many different languages being spoken. talllll and big trees. tomorrow THE big climb chuck

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One Response to day 19

  1. nia says:

    Great going Chuck! I know you have two days of uphills. only two days. One pedal at a time, you’ll get there, just like every day so far. You’re over half way, a significant marker! Our weather’s been
    fairly calm, bet your’s is better!! Pecae in Hippieville, keep on truckin’ !!

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