day 20

day 20 fort bragg, ca 67.36 miles 5493 feet ave 8.1 tis 9 hrs start of the day the redwoods (first 28) last 10 of these 28 10 to 12 percent ALL the time the route

here is ocean then forest then ocean ect pics later i left the giz at the motel.

i got some stats from garberville  on the main street was five bead shops, three

thrift stores, four pawn shops and a store named “hemp express” which was next

to the “surf shop” i donot know what the signifcant is if any but the ocean is 30 miles away 1500 feet in elevation up i am 178 miles north of san fransico   more later chuck

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2 Responses to day 20

  1. Frank Earle says:


    Fort Bragg, the last time I cruised through there in the late seventies, was a definite through back to the hippy sixties with more that enough ‘weed aroma’ drifting about to take care of a lot of people. Neat areal, lots of beauty. So you pedaled through the Avenue of the Giants? What a great place to ride a bike. Interested to learn your future route(s) after you get through the bay area. This is great to follow your trip, sort of with I was riding with you.


  2. Paul Ahart says:

    Chuck, congratulations on your good progress. I loved Fort Bragg as a child. Caught my first steelhead there as an 8 year-old, in a rented outboard skiff with my dad. Trolling in the mouth of the Noyo River. “Hemp Express…” we need one of those in the San Juans. Ha!

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