day 21

day 21 and three week progress elk ca  26.89 miles 1809 feet tis 3.5 hrs

 total miles 909 total feet 43000

 iguess in every venture of this type  a low point must happen this is mine

i did a short day because of geography body and sprirt

the geo the motels along the coast are not pleantiful to far for a days ride and i am not going to hole up in fort bragg. so i choose elk.

body i am sure mybody says take some time to rejuvinate those parts that need repair after the long days and big(for me) climbs.

and the spirit very down at this point. those ups and owns seem to go on forever.

i know there is an element of fatiuqe involved and things will look better in the morning but not now. i am sure that as sonn as i reach san fran the dark clouds will go away    chuk


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4 Responses to day 21

  1. Paul Ahart says:

    It’s important to recognize when the body needs a rest day, and your body is telling you this.
    You have made amazing progress, especially with all the torrential rain you had to endure early in the ride. You persevered! The weather will continue to improve, hopefully, and the ride will get better and better.

  2. nia says:

    Guess I have to put my info in every time? Last post from nia.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey! I hope you got The Cure (a good night’s sleep), and your spirits are up. You’re doing such an amazing thing. You are a true inspiration! Karen, Jim and others and I went on the ” Farm to Forks” ride yesterday. The weather was amazingly wonderful, a perfect fall cycle day. Today, well, you know….more rain. In buckets of cats and dogs. And still dark outside. I’m going back to bed!

  4. Melanie & Jon says:

    Jon says to tell you that before you even got out of Washington you had ridden more miles than he’s ridden in his entire life. He’s decided that your next big trip, he’ll ride along with you for company the entire way … down to the ferry landing. You’ve made great progress and we are thinking of you every day and rooting for you.

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