day 22

day 22 gualala ca 32.46  2374 feet ave 8.3 tis 3:54 hrs

i have recovered a nap in the pm good dinner good nights sleep

nice day 65 deg TAILWIND mostly flat (had a half mile of 20% grade- i did not know asphalt would stick at that angle) all plus

but most important was the kind and gracious words from “the friends of chuck” (remember that the mounthly meeting is the last thursday of the month)

you guys are making this venture possible thank you and please keep it up    chuck

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6 Responses to day 22

  1. Paul Ahart says:

    Hey Chuck,
    You are now in my old stomping ground from my teen years. The Gualala River used to be a superb steelhead river, was destroyed by out-of-control logging and too much fishing, but is now recovering. Hope you enjoy your ride through the wonderful redwood country. It is so special.
    Taking a short day was good. Best to not “hammer” every day. Stop and enjoy where you are.
    So good to also read the posts of others. Lots of people are following your progress.
    As you approach the Bay Area, get super paranoid about your bike. Bike theft is rampant!

  2. Herb Meyer says:

    I’m speaking to a group of CEOs in Tampa today. I told them about you and your ride — you’re their hero! Mine, too.

  3. nia says:

    Sounds like you took your own good advice, and today was a great day for you. You’ve done so amazingly well so far, and the more south, the weather should be pleasant and the views outrageous. So close to the Golden Gate! But a town named Gualala? Sounds like a fake name full of brothels to me….
    Ride on, friend. What you’re doing is amazing and crazy good…and an inspiration to us all!

  4. Frank Earle says:

    Are you pedaling towards Big Sur? Gotta do some time on the coast route and take in that invigorating salt air! So glad you’re safe and still ‘rock’n” Keep it churning, we’re with you all the way. Good chatter in the locker room on your adventure. Ride safe, buddy.

    We had two wonderful days on island, but now the cruddy weather has come back. Still hoping for a few good days before trading the outdoors for the indoors.


  5. Melanie & Jon says:

    Glad you got some rest and had a better day, a tailwind even – nice 🙂

  6. Marin says:

    Downhill is good!

    Do the Cali girls all whistle at your biker calves as you roll by?

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