day 24

day 24 fairfax ca (16 miles north of san fran)

51.14 miles 3012 feet ave 7.0 tis 7 hrs

i am within striking distance of sf long day weather was great

i went over 1000 miles and 51000 feet. i have 648 miles to go. very tired today but feel good with the results.

oregon food

oregon food

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4 Responses to day 24

  1. Paul Ahart says:

    Chuck, congratulations on your Marin County arrival! Great area, home of Charlie Cunningham (WTB) and Jaquie Phelan (Alice B. Toeclips). Keep a sharp eye on your bike while in San Fran.
    Hope the sun shines and the winds are fair as you sail on south.

  2. Frank Earle says:

    While I’m waiting for the ‘red eye’ to show up, I figured it’s a good time to check in with the Pedal’n Poobhan of San Juan Island. It seems like forever before you get into San Francisco, come on now….are you holding out for the excitement? Actually, it seems like you have been making very good time; especially considering that the weather has been a bit gnarly once in a while and the headwinds are favorable for climbing hills. You’re the best, and we all are truly proud of what you have accomplished thus far and what you will log up in the weeks to come. Wondering if you’re going to ride back, ship the bike back and get a limo to bring you home or if we’ll find you kicked back on a secluded beach down on the Baja.?

    Keep On Pedal’n, my friend….


    PS. The locker room geezers say be safe and crank away……there’s a big calcutta riding on your timed finish!

  3. Amy wynn says:

    Hi CHuck.. I got your tabs picked up and your mail. Your assignment is to get a photo of yourself posted so I can get you in the papers, dear friend. I am so proud of you!!!!! Keep on cranking up them can do this!

  4. marin says:

    did you eat at that greasy spoon?!

    i stopped into the shop yesterday to buy some gloves. told them to put it on your account. jk.

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