day 25 and 26

day 25 san fransico 28.89 1419 feet ave 5.8 tis 5hrs

i crossed the golden gate a truely impressive play there must have been 500 600 bikes on the bridge with all the pedestrians they were for the most part rental bikes weather was great. i managed to get lost

in sf  chuck

day 26 half moon bay ca 24.92 1756 feet ave 5.5 tis 4:30 hrs

short ride today geo next leg will be to santa cruz(47 miles) i still

am trying to get pics on i think about 13 or 14 more days. santa barbara is next mile stone.  chuck

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3 Responses to day 25 and 26

  1. Melanie & Jon says:

    We’re trying to imagine 500-600 cyclists on the GG and failing. Hope you got a pic or two. You are making such great progress, it’s work to keep up with you 🙂

  2. Marin says:

    Congrats on making it to SF – my favorite city. I bet it was something riding across the bridge. Did you brave the city and its gigantic hills or did you hug the coast around town?

    Onward to Santa Barbara!

  3. Frank Earle says:

    Chuck, you devil you. You just blazed through SF without leaving any juicy notes along the way. Perhaps you should do a re-ride and give us some travel tid-bits for surviving the big city challenges, heh? I think your pedal to Santa Cruz will be enjoyable as long as the weather holds. You are doing so good, we should have strapped a skype cam on you helmet so we could ride on your shoulders. Next time!
    Ride safe, amigo….


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