day 27

day 27 santa cruz ca miles 49.8 2339 feet ave 7.9 tis 6:2 hrs

good weather tailwind lots of surfers motorcyclist(500 in one bunch) very busy hw one. i remember santa cruz as a sleepy little town when i was in high school in san jose not any more (that was in the 50s) monteray next chuck

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2 Responses to day 27

  1. Karen Vedder says:

    You are the bomb!. Nothing can stop you now. Tijuana is beckoning!
    Beautiful weather here. The Roche Harbor Sunday riders will be heading out at 10. We wish you were with us to tell us your stories of the road.

  2. Marin says:

    But chuck the fifties were about sixty years ago!

    Stay safe! There are crazies in CA!

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