day 28

day 28 Monterey ca 41.29 miles 1520 feet ave 7.6 tis 5:25 hrs another great weather day starting to get warmer went thru lots of fields green leafy things growing–where are the master gardeners when needed

four week report 1186.29 miles 58769 feet lot of tis

exactl;y 600 miles to go next big milestone is santa Barbara the maps I use have profiles of all the route BUT the section from santa Barbara to san diego has no profile which means FLAT (cheering in the background)  CHUCK

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5 Responses to day 28

  1. Paul Ahart says:

    Congratulations reaching Monterrey, one of my favorite places. I did my first ocean snorkle/scuba dives there back in 1962/63 as a teenager, at Pacific Grove. We are so glad the weather is finally really nice, which would make cycling down that lovely coast so pleasant.
    On to Big Sur! Enjoy!

  2. nia says:

    So by now you’re further along the bike trail…Monterey?? I find it amazing all the miles (OMG, over 1100!!!!!), uphills, downhills ,rain, SUN, wind, sights and sounds. Yay for the flat road ahead…you’ll make 80 mi/day easy! Everyone up here is thinking about you, and you’re all the buzz, even if you don’t always hear from us.
    Be safe, stay sound,

  3. Marin says:

    YEA for flat! Go fast!

  4. Frank Earle says:

    Magnifico, amigo. Your are giving us a ride of a lifetime, and those who are following your road adventure are thrilled and very proud of your tenacity and drive. I wish you could post photos of the trip, but perhaps that’s not possible. No matter, there’s no question we vicariously pedal every mile with you. Pedal safe and keep on writing.


  5. Anonymous says:

    hi Chuck, greetings from Orcas ! So now, wonderful, golden California ! Are you saddle sore yet !!?? All is well here in the islands, have had two Nia sightings ! Smiling as usual, she is ! Keep on spinning those sprockets, and sharing your road side adventures ! tally ho, Cathy

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