day 31 day 32 day 33 day 34

day 31 cayucos ca 37.24 1218 feet ave 8.1 tis 4:38 hrs easy ride little sore after yesterday

day 32 pismo beach ca 32.14 1116 feet ave 7.6 tis 4:13hrs  when i owned a store in the santa barbara area i used to take groups of people to here to ride back to santa barbara it was 100 miles in a day an easy 100 not alot of hills wind to the back and not easy to get lost most of them were suprized they could do it

day 33 buellton ca 56.62 miles 1931 feet ave 7.9 tis 7:1 hrs easy ride it was 94 deg drank every thing is site.

day 34 ventura ca 68 miles 1620 feet ave 8.8 tis 7.2hrs mostly flat along the coast

this is the first time i have been able to get to a pc longer days because its FLAT end is in site i will have much more to say in general and some insites of my own.

the facial hair  when i was packing thing had to go and a razor was one item that went i did have to cancel several dinner parties i was invite to CHUCK


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3 Responses to day 31 day 32 day 33 day 34

  1. Marin says:

    We are catching up to you! In Redding now. But we’re driving. Glad all is still going well.

  2. Frank Earle says:

    Chucker……wonderful riding with you, and now that it’s getting flatter and the wind is on the back, the rides just keep getting better. About time you switch to some padded shorts and some surf Tees. You’re coming into LULU-LALA Land, so deligent riding is the order of the day(s). Ride safe, amigo. Your the deity of the locker room, I think Paul is going to name a few of his spin class sessions after you. Yu dah mann!!!!


  3. Paul Ahart says:

    Chuck, you are really blasting along, now that it is fairly flat. Ventura, home of the Patagonia Seconds store! Of course, you probably don’t have much extra carrying space. Everyone in Friday Harbor is really proud of you! As the French say, “Bon chance!” or good luck, on the rest of your journey.

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