day 37 and day 38

day 37 pacific beach 61 miles 1650 feet ave 8.5 tis 7:17hrs i stayed with two lovely ladies maryanne and martha that hav e come to friday harbor for the month of aug for the past 15 years and rented bikes from us. they made feel very welcomeDSCN0753


36.17 miles 472 feet ave 6,7 tis 5:25hrs   i crossed the mexican boarder!!!!

i was taken in by karen and jim vedders daughter and treated like a very welcome guest

DSCN0780my rear whell is on the us side

total for the trip are 1695 miles 75905 feet ALOT of saddle time and much pleasure.

i will have one more post and more pics in the a wrapup post CHUCK

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7 Responses to day 37 and day 38

  1. Amy wynn says:

    Woo hoo! Congratulations on finishing your trip! Sorry we have been playing telephone tag… I have your keys… You will be good to go!

  2. Frank Earle says:

    WOO-WOO! Chuck…amigo, you have arrived at the US/Mexican border safe, sound, and ahead of your predicted number-of-days traveled deadline. Good On and Congratulations many times over. We should have given you a San Juan Island flag to plant on the border’s dotted line. Now, we all wonder when and in what manner you’ll be returning to the island? I say you’re going to trade you bike in for a surf board and head to the Baja for the winter, but the locker room thinks you’ll ship your bike home and come along with it. Either way, you’re the pride of the San Juans and we look forward to your safe return. Great Trip, thanks for taking us along!


  3. Herb Meyer says:

    Congratulations, Chuck. You’re an inspiration to us all.


  4. Paul Ahart says:

    Hey! Congratulations on a sometimes tough trip.
    So good to see the photo of Martha and MaryAnn on their own bikes!
    You’ll have to get used to the chilly weather when you return to Friday Harbor. We’ve had pea soup fog and drippy mist for days.
    Paul and Marty

  5. Melanie & Jon says:

    Never doubted you. Great job. Safe trip. See you when you get home.

  6. Marin says:

    Congratulation, Chuck! So proud of you! When will you return to FH?

    • Chuck,

      We have been following you since meeting you at the shop on the day of your departure. We are all pretty impressed here in western North Carolina, and thankful for your safe journey.

      Pete, Amy and the kids

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