reflections of a bicycle adventure


my equipment was simple and utilitarian. a steel bike with LOW gearing. front andback  racks. Small panniers in front, handlebar bag and a racktrunk on the rear rack three bottle cages(only needed two). gps cyclecomputer-for mileage and climb info. mp3 player and a cell phone.


the route was a naturel and for the most pat mapped by adventure cycling. i choose my own routethru washington


the first two weeks of the tripwas all rain until i got to califonia. then the weather was great no wind in the face only one hot day(94deg to santa barbara).


I did not have any trouble with traffic withthree one exception going over the big bridge into northbend/coos bay or three motorcyclist thought i should walk my bike across the bridge we traded fingers and they went on their way and i on mine.


i opted for motels–i am too old to sleep on the ground. one aspect of this mode of travel is i did meet anybody doing the same thing. the last two days i stayed with wonderful people which made the ending very nice.


this was an unexpected plus on the trip. i was in daly contactwith nia in friday harbor and my daughter. in addition i got feedback from people reading this blog and that was GREAT. so thanks to nia paul frank merin mandj herb bob and all the others THANKYOU


in all honesty i do not have an idea i guess it was time it was there so why not!

END PICSDSCN0656 DSCN0796 DSCN0700 DSCN0714DSCN0666DSCN0766DSCN0781DSCN0789 DSCN0788pinata factory in tj    ALL THE BEST CHUCK


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2 Responses to END O LINE

  1. nia says:

    You are such an inspiration Chuck! I’m amazed at your tenacity and optimism and MIS this whole trip!! (Except occasional complaints about the heat….boohoo). You have planted a seed under my bicycle seat, that’s for sure!!!
    Sunday bicycle group saw the rain give way to glorious sunshine, fresh, fresh air, very few cars on the road, and an outside brunch at Roche. I thought it was glorious!!

  2. tony loewe says:

    How wonderful! What an inspiration. I am a 62year old partially paralyzed from the waist down. Reading your entire trip let me vicariously enjoy this most magnificent ride. You should be very proud! Tony Loewe Port Austin Michigan.

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