day 25 and 26

day 25 san fransico 28.89 1419 feet ave 5.8 tis 5hrs

i crossed the golden gate a truely impressive play there must have been 500 600 bikes on the bridge with all the pedestrians they were for the most part rental bikes weather was great. i managed to get lost

in sf  chuck

day 26 half moon bay ca 24.92 1756 feet ave 5.5 tis 4:30 hrs

short ride today geo next leg will be to santa cruz(47 miles) i still

am trying to get pics on i think about 13 or 14 more days. santa barbara is next mile stone.  chuck

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day 24

day 24 fairfax ca (16 miles north of san fran)

51.14 miles 3012 feet ave 7.0 tis 7 hrs

i am within striking distance of sf long day weather was great

i went over 1000 miles and 51000 feet. i have 648 miles to go. very tired today but feel good with the results.

oregon food

oregon food

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day 23

day 23 bodago bay ca 49.34 miles 3349 feet ave 8.1 tis 6 hrs

great ride today beautiful weather lots of turns and downhills(ofcourse that means uphills also) about 60 miles from san fran

day after tomorrow chuck

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day 22

day 22 gualala ca 32.46  2374 feet ave 8.3 tis 3:54 hrs

i have recovered a nap in the pm good dinner good nights sleep

nice day 65 deg TAILWIND mostly flat (had a half mile of 20% grade- i did not know asphalt would stick at that angle) all plus

but most important was the kind and gracious words from “the friends of chuck” (remember that the mounthly meeting is the last thursday of the month)

you guys are making this venture possible thank you and please keep it up    chuck

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day 21

day 21 and three week progress elk ca  26.89 miles 1809 feet tis 3.5 hrs

 total miles 909 total feet 43000

 iguess in every venture of this type  a low point must happen this is mine

i did a short day because of geography body and sprirt

the geo the motels along the coast are not pleantiful to far for a days ride and i am not going to hole up in fort bragg. so i choose elk.

body i am sure mybody says take some time to rejuvinate those parts that need repair after the long days and big(for me) climbs.

and the spirit very down at this point. those ups and owns seem to go on forever.

i know there is an element of fatiuqe involved and things will look better in the morning but not now. i am sure that as sonn as i reach san fran the dark clouds will go away    chuk


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day 20

day 20 fort bragg, ca 67.36 miles 5493 feet ave 8.1 tis 9 hrs start of the day the redwoods (first 28) last 10 of these 28 10 to 12 percent ALL the time the route

here is ocean then forest then ocean ect pics later i left the giz at the motel.

i got some stats from garberville  on the main street was five bead shops, three

thrift stores, four pawn shops and a store named “hemp express” which was next

to the “surf shop” i donot know what the signifcant is if any but the ocean is 30 miles away 1500 feet in elevation up i am 178 miles north of san fransico   more later chuck

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day 19

day 19 garberville ca 48 miles 2710 feet ave 7.1 6.5 hrs tis

i think i found where all the hippies are in north calif i have identified at least three generations. the latest generation has more tatoos. about the same amount of dress.

this is a beautiful place. reminds me of the youth hostels in europe with so many different languages being spoken. talllll and big trees. tomorrow THE big climb chuck

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